Strange Foreign Beauty
Society has fucked with everyones minds, especially girls. Nowadays all guys want are girls who wear tight, short, exposing clothes. People think that makes you a slut, I completely disagree. But still, why would you want that kind of attention from guys? Yeah looking sexy will turn heads and guys will try to talk to you, but they won’t like you for your soul, they’ll just be attracted to your body. These days girls always complain about not finding guys who love them for who they are and in some cases it’s no one else’s fault but their own. showing off your body to get attention will never let you connect with another guy on any other level except for physical. If you want love, you shouldn’t get all worked up on dressing sexy or trying to impress any guy. Every single girl in this world is beautiful in her own way and some guy will come along and see that. Girls try too hard and then get mad because they think no one wants them or takes them seriously. It’s because you’re not allowing yourself to be seen in any depth except for being “sexy”. If you want true love, find a guy who will love you when you’re in baggy clothes, no make up, messed up hair. I know it probably sounds impossible but you really will find the one. When you try too hard for guys, along the way you lose yourself because you’re so caught up in trying to get attention. Be carefree and attract attention to your mind and your soul instead of your body and I can gurantee you that you will find a guy who will love you unconditionally for YOU and not just your body or your looks. (:
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