Strange Foreign Beauty
My tears have dried up…I can’t cry anymore.
Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love.
Unknown  (via recovering-ballerina)
Love me

Love me

Are you single or taken?


I am a woman,
not your toy.
I do not belong in your drawer of sex toys and scandals.
I may be a bitch, but I am not a dog.
So do not whistle at me.
Do not yell at me from across the street.
Do not touch my thigh and expect me to say thank you.
Do not shame me for my clothes, because I love the way I choose to express myself.
My eyeliner is for me,
My blush is for me,
My ravishing red lip color is for me.
So do not shame me for making myself feel contempt.
The length of my skirt is not an accurate measurement of the length of my self worth.
If you want to talk to me do it for my brains,
not to look down my shirt.
If you want to praise me do it because I deserve it,
not because you want to sleep with me.
I am not your English homework,
do not annotate me.
Do not comment on my weight, or my clothes, or my ass.
I am not your thing,
I am not anyones thing,
I am my own,
and I am a woman.
Sleeping With the Frenemie —A.C.G  (via nighttimers)

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I hope everyone who says they hate people sees this because this right here is why humanity is beautiful. People act like their aren’t good human beings in the world but I see stuff like this a lot and it just proves that there are plenty of great human beings in this world